Jan 30, 2010

beaming party has been trained in non-interference~~all characters have last names too

Humanity and society, one should always strive for one and be very leery of the other. If you strive for society and are leery of humanity then we will always have our wires crossed and communication will be impossible. If society were a lover she would never be faithful. So fickle, so Teen Beat magazine.
Anyways many that have too much faith in society can not imagine how stupid some cultures/countries/ are. No big secret to any that have read x amount or traveled.

So now we have this Iran/Israel dealy thing going. A lot of hardware is being moved around by several parties this time around so maybe this time is the time. Even Obama Sinatra is moving hardware. Where are the war protesters now? Haven’t heard much from that crowd. Where are the ‘No blood for green energy signs”? But i have greatly regressed in my line of thought.
Oh that was a cheap trick on gullibility. Sorry, my real point is the conservatives and liberals will equally get involve in wars and fight them shittily. Hope I’m wrong. Tired of American being involved in too many wars as the world cop and in this fighting we concern ourselves with world opinion more than the lives and welfare of our own soldiers.
Even the most perfect president can not stop the eventual drag of the nation towards a big war. If not Iran then there are plenty of other countries with ticketed numbers and they are all next in line.
I think I’ve said all this before. I keep repeating myself. When I get hurt I say" fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck".

p.s. Oh yeah UK/US shutting down embassies in Iran. The dating on the article is Jan 4/2010 but I’ve seen this story regurgitated here and there some since then. They say the closer is in fear of terrorism. Snicker snicker.
Even in the midst of war there’s always a Baghdad Bob around to add some sunshine.

p.s.~~I heard this from a four thousand year ago Asian teacher but I modernized the last part;
You’re born, thinking I want to be grown. You’re grown wishing to get a handle on things. You get a handle on things and OH FUCK. LOOK AT THAT BIG FUCKING MUSHROOM CLOUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!