Feb 26, 2010

this blog is now in SHIITE HIT THE FAN mode

My best guess is around a week for action on Iran.
Just a hunch.
Lot of white man chatter.
Same things going on with the same links in older posts.
I know i should tag my posts. I should play with my dog more. I need. need need need yawn need


march 9th 2010, 11.14 pm

forecast is wrong, this will be my fourth or fifth guess now so my guess is before April 2, 2010

Feb 24, 2010

don’t confuse my humbleness with a weakness of your choice

Asked many and never got a good answer why America has so many in prisons.
Many or most cop families have more stress than other families. America is the world cop.
There you go.
If you are a cop, you see mayhem all day long. Even if you always have Hello Kitty happy interactions with family, the mayhem leaks out. Life has more facets to it then can be ascertained. (well, I’m just a bag of meat, meat can not do strange things)

Ever had a friend you have done favors for, big and small and can’t ever ask a favor in return?
America has tons of those kinds of friends.
World cop+shitty friends= more shittier friends such as Cartmanzan, Davidlettermanistan, Saudi Arabia, Perezhiltonolia.

You can only have so many friends regardless if you are a person or a country.
You can not count a girl as a friend.
Please prove me wrong.

What does this have to do with Pre War Forensics?
This cop is busy. He does not see all the bad guys. Few times he saw himself. A psychosis with results i do not know. He’s so busy. Every time he kills a bad guy he builds a school or such.

I was teasing about girls. No one contested me! I'm embarrassed for Earthlings in this time period!
That goes for you too U.K.!

Feb 14, 2010

the socialist and capitalist agree to kill the same country at the same time

I think it will happenn within weeks. I guess of course. I’ve been predicting a conflict for three years now, scratch conflict make that a regional war now.
Many things go like this; some say ten months for Iran having nukes, before purchases of more anti aircraft weapon airy by Iran, new US bunker busters and their platforms are ready, more time for oil markets to settle before next approaching winter, winter afterward the problem will be digging millions of Jew graves.
Use lots of gasoline? Worry. Eat food? Stock up. Have guns? Stock up on bullets. Like women? Stock up on music, really good food, pets, nice clothes, gold and/or stock up on backup women too.
Other than talking heads and other typical news outlets guesses on the future are to see how investors, oil speculators and gamblers place their interests. These investors are not worried about their ideologies coming to life. Their eyes are focused on investment returns. These eyes get steeled flinty and all like anybody’s would.
All these links can be ignored if you have constantly kept yourself informed. If you are half way like me then you might want to click them anyways,that way you don’t have to believe me.

blink blinktwice blinkthrice blinkquadrivial this one is an example of someone crazier than me/ turning speculations into facts by a retard with no soul. See aNy mistakes other than grammar, let me know. I need an editor. I need. da da da da

Feb 11, 2010

reserve your parking space now~~ the power of words to convince you that if you lived here, you would be home by now

Bunkerbuster info which is probably for North Korea and Iran.
Iran would be my guess for now.
It is very shinny. Gleams.

Thanks Ace of Spades, maentenloch

Feb 3, 2010

shiny black soul gets painted flat black by a non-soul thing

American men fighting/dying. New front down the line?
Pakistani black opps get blacker with a tiny reference to Yemen.
Check out this EXtra creamy free sample, pulled out of the innards of the article.(Why should i write like a regular reporter? Why do preachers always talk in the manner of other preachers? Why talk like a politician? Talk like a rocker. nahh Must be something wrong with me, can't tell the difference between a politician and a wrestler. Sorry wrestlers.)

UPDATE: My pal Uncle Jimbo from Blackfive.net accuses me of “a bit of heavy breathing on this.” He writes:

It is fair to point out that the ops in Pakistan are more tightly tied to a shooting war than many others, but does that mean we should take them and shine a bunch of bright lights on them? … There is plenty of oversight operating where it belongs in classified briefings… The political environment in Pakistan is delicate as Hell so we properly tread lightly. A bunch of breathless stories about the mere possibility that we are cooperating more w/ Pakistan or that heaven forbid the evil Blackwater mercenaries are helping load drones doesn’t make doing any good there easier… It is smart and a proper use of Special Forces. Now let’s stop making their jobs harder by acting like something nefarious is going on.

I hear that. And if this were some other, relatively small-scale SF operation (cough Yemen cough), I’d agree 100%. But there has been too much cash spent and too many lives lost in this mission to keep on operating as if it can all be kept behind the black door. The Pakistanis know what we’re up to, and our secrecy is only fueling the paranoia and conspiracy theories — not to mention depriving Americans of their right to know how their blood and treasure is being spent.

Feb 2, 2010

cheap is not bad, look at me, i'm an armchair spy, i never went to spy school

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