May 26, 2010

Nukes of Our Lives

Super fly assholes in trailer67 are at it again. Kilt some of 68's kids again. Mr Kim, the asshole in 67 has tons of guns aimed out the windows at 68's side facing.
Mr. Kim is a sick fuck fink. He says he's an atheist and demands the same for the millions of kids he has but secretly he believes in God. Weird.
All his kids have guns and they are aimed at 68.
The guy in 28, usually a really good guy. The only one in the trailer park that has any balls but everybody always bitches about. So the only brave one listens to all the pussies. Mr Sam in 28 plus Ms. Slanty Ie in 68 want to ice Mr Kim but all the kids are in danger, especially little Seoul in 68. And lately Mr Sam has been very preoccupied with many of his own severe concerns. Hard to predict how he will react even thou many of his best kids are at 68s all the time guarding the yards.
Everybody wants Mr Kim dead, even ninety nine percent of his own want him dead. 67 has some weapons that could destroy Seoul altogether. Even Angels seem to shit on 67.
The last match has already been broken and plans for murder are as plentiful natural as Bluebonnets by Texas roads.