Apr 7, 2009


Back in my late teens I was an assistant manager at a little pizza place. I was not extremely mature for my age; the management was very immature for their ages.
Barack Sinatra is now pres. My focus is not on the pres. The world is very immature for its age.
NO MATTER WHAT the pres does scenarios are piling up to the point we aren’t going to get that pizza in thirty minutes.
Scenarios piling up are Iran-US, Taiwan-China, Pakistan-India, Pakistan-US, US-Iraq, Us-Afghanistan, Israel-most neighboring countries, those neighboring countries and everybody else, N Korea-S Korea and economic unrest in many countries. All these situations are unpredictable regardless of the nicely sounding crises management terms that will be tossed around. Dominoes may start to fall similar to a kid trying to break a Guinness world record. Many in the west may believe that things can’t get that bad. Just think these governments that help us avoid wars also manage the economies. Feel better now?
If America becomes more overwhelmed our obligations of shared defenses will go by the wayside. Countries are fragile. What does that make people?
I think Pakistan for now is the hottest spot. Leave a comment, link or a micro film dot and let us know what you think about our wonderful dangerous planet. No planet management experience needed.

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