Aug 13, 2009

i live at my broken desk wheel spinning sparks sandstone sandstorm quivers slice disposable eyes dancing on ancient peoples' bone dust storm yes

Ah my favorite hobby, running away from NUKEY situations, will have to be put in slow but non-static creation.
When i go fishing for visitors i get about 15 in a day. I could do more but i'm still not sure which direction to take this blog. I'm aware that only one out of five thou sound would be interested in Pre War Forensics.
I've had a thousand visitors and made $0.16 from the auto adds. I might use pay pal instead. Love to rent a site designer for my little electric tree house.
I believe in group intelligence sometimes which is much more vernacular than i could be on my own.
When i get back into my little hobby i'll haunt several sites and seduce interested dark souls about some of the darkest pre history to come.
It amazes me people still have children.
God help us all. Please leave links.
back soon

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