Mar 7, 2010

the general sounds like a bear that stutters

Found a war scenario with Iran.
Here we seem to have a dissected portion.
Please wash your hands first.

The Brookings war game was one of three simulations regarding Iran's nuclear program conducted in December. The other two, at Harvard University and Tel Aviv University, reportedly found that neither sanctions nor threats dissuaded Tehran from its suspected nuclear weapons ambitions.

In the Brookings game, three teams of experts, including former senior U.S. officials, played the Israeli, Iranian and American leadership. They assembled in separate rooms at the think tank's Washington headquarters. Israeli and U.S. "officials" communicated with each other, but not with the Iranians.

I found this at News Update Frequently.

And i found that frequently the news is updated so i think they are on the up and up.

p.s. the nice man with the gloves has some enriched uranium

also the missile pic is pretty and clickable

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