Feb 1, 2011

Newton's apple has a worm-hole

Can computers swap data on a ham radio signal?
I haven't found an internet radio running yet in the land of the Great Pyramid of Giza..
I've only been hearing regular robot gossip on Egypt.
I posted not long ago where Saudi Arabia is going to do to America what Iran did to America in the 1970's in reference to weapons sales to Saudi Arabia. Maybe probably Egypt too. I'm just talking about what will probably happen, not injecting any wishes. If it were up to me, we'd pull out of the Mideast all together except for supporting a peaceful Israel.

And on another subject, sometimes mob minds medias paint in broad strokes. What will my children think of me in the future? Better yet what will i think of myself by the second time i remember myself?
Almost all the time the mob will betray you. Just like in those old Voodoo movies or Erie magazine stories where one always pays painfully for a brief use of power. But fuck, the world is so much stranger bigger than history

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