Jul 14, 2009

blast from the past, not that kind of blast not that kind of past

No recent rumors of war. Some Israeli ships went thru the Suzi canal. That's it. Of course many things are going on.
History and the news media are kind of like the top ten hit list on the radio. The world is made up of and is moved by all the other bands that exist that are only known locally, too. These things are millions of micro culture and subculture groups. They can not be measured or quantified to any depth beyond consumer market values if that.

Not philosophizing. Trying for the opposite. As we live we discard fairy tales, Santa clauses. Many stop there. If you continue to discard false ideas, bla blab bla long story short bla blab bla.
I'm just saying not. Not a zero statement. A real negative statement. Negative like minus in value. A vacuum. Perhaps a tiny word that sucks the dictionary dry like a blackhole vampire motherfucker.
Have a nice day.

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