Sep 14, 2009

i know what monsters want i know what monsters like

EMP bombs whether nuclear or other type of bomb can be done on the cheap. Sure the military can respond with no problem but that doesn’t help me with the little fried motherboards on my car.
If bomb shelters were in style why i would have to write about something else.
I’ll wait till my favorite celebrity warns me.
Another scary thought where the science is as cold as the teeeeth on a starving vampire is we all have access to cheaper and cheaper technology it gets easier for ANYBODY to have larger and larger body counts when they unleash their machinations.
Any fanatical culture group will use these things.
Other things are more accessible too. Many or most people are googleable in America. I’m barely googleable, and what is found is only a foggish facsimile. I’m not mysterious or important. I’m poor.

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