Sep 13, 2009

some days just being alive is pretty fucking sexy

When the second plane hit everybody instantly guessed correctly that it was terrorists/fanatical Islamic actions. Before it happened it was expected, just not knowing the timing or size.
Not trying to effect your vote for leaders bla bla long story short bla bla most likely your children will pray for bomb shelters if they don’t have one and if it’s not in the right place or stocked with the right supplies then slow deaths will sing songs that will echo in to the future similar to the WW2 millions unanswered prayers. If they were answered, it was in the next world/life.
If my history lessons are correct various forms of fanatical controlling governments killed more than the krauts or japs.
I’m not a military expert. I’m a Dutch aborigine shaman nut kicker.(our culture is overly saturated in cheap new age marketing , try to laugh)
The thing that will kill most will be food shortages caused by weather changes and the wars that follow or precede. Weather is always changing, Earth is always going in or out of ice ages. A limited nuke war ‘over there’ is very unpredictable. How much ash/debris will be blown up into the upper atmosphere? If enough ash is expelled it could effect the weather as much as a super volcano. Some nukes may detonate at ground level, some may detonate higher for the EMP damage. Maybe the odds for death are greater from the secondary effects of detonations.
After a limited nuke war ‘over there’, many countries will enact/expand militaries and drafts. Prices of many cheap goods will skyrocket. Ect….
If i made x amount of money i’d invest a very small percentage in a bomb shelter or some scheme monthly like any other insurance. Bomb shelters are sexier than all insurance policies combined. Even if it is never fully ‘used’, it’s a great place for seduction. Some days just being alive is pretty fucking sexy.


  1. If I had not seen BladeRunner that picture would have a different meaning.
    Check out
    I do not jive with them but they have a different perspective.

  2. You have the damn-est titles on your stupid posts. At least you deserve $200 for each title.

  3. With 6 billion people the various tribes(country groups)competing for the same goods. Life is devalued by many more people. Even in a family group people mean less to each other. sad