Oct 14, 2009

you have just been googled backwards by a dutch shaman nut kicker

Pull up a chair and share some fear.

I like Thomas Sowell‘s work. Many times I disagree with him but his sense of relativity to me is sound. I want to say many things in a Thomas nuclear goth rant mode. Doodles of fear.

Any two dimensional concept will fit easily into a four dimensional peg hole.

Some of this modern goth I see is so ….Comic bookynessionallyfluorescenceshitpinkambiance 2d peg hole. The goth children are still cute though.

All the celebs have bomb shelters and such but you will not hear them mention it. There are many reasons and if you need me to tell you why they don’t mention it then you need another news source. I don’t explain many things and put very very little effort in convincing anybody of anything. I have too many things to do and time is short. I present myself and then forget myself. Nano ego baby.

Right after 9/11 on TV all of a sudden our country was flush with terrorist experts. What do they do during off season.?

Most Americans live in a cocoon and have no idea how dangerous the world is especially for a small country. I lived in a renegade province for nine years. Really. This may be my only competitive edge in looking at our world.
The world is so big and so many pretend that it ALL fits so easily in their very own brain. About that peg hole.

I’m sure when aliens first come to earth, you will be one of the ones they’ll first contact.

My politics is 3rd party. I do not trust the Dems/Reps to avoid wars or to execute them effectively. I mention this cause some overly sensitive souls might think I’m pro-war. I’m pre-war, not pro-war. ha It’s amazing how many will speculate and upon those speculations, judgments will be made. Preemptive wars will be fought in the bedroom, that’s in a big time machine in a bigger space ship, going backwards in a black hole that was residing in some instant coffee in a microwave oven.

Politics here do not matter the same way shinny black shoes are not worn in a tree house. The focus of this blog is probabilities/locations of war and the effects, not my wishes. No matter WHO is president not much can be done in my opinion. If Pakistan and India have a nuke slug fest or bla bla bla long story short bla bla bla only so many fingers and plenty of holes in the dike.

Why in the holy intercourse do we have diplomatic relations with Saudi Arabia?

I would wish you no fear and pain but I’d have to also say drop some of your investments in Hello Kitty stocks and buy Initech Cardboard Coffins.

Have a happy Halloween and don’t kick anybody in the ball I wouldn’t kick.

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