Nov 22, 2009

the most important part of me isn't mine+atomic bomb cake

The dark side of positive thinking is never voiced. What do i mean your western mind asks? I don't like explaining things much and even if i did you would not believe me. Oh i forgot,,, you've never seen me so you might believe me. You see i look like a mafia hit man. I try to avoid explanations anyways, how about an example?
Burqa style Snuggies equates the dark side of positive thinking.
Eastern or western our thinking styles were once handed down to us from our kings/queens. Even without the kings many people act the same with group thinkings handed down from above.
Ft Hood killings how ever labeled is something to avoid. Letting semantics and pc bullshit color ones thoughts to the point of looking the other way while plotting against you and me. The F.B.I. had very strong case againts this guy but they were afraid to tell. These men and women are trained/tuff/smart/experienced/connected yet they are afraid. What/why/who instils this fear?
Anything else down the pipe i should be afraid of the gov/msm won't act on?

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