Feb 24, 2010

don’t confuse my humbleness with a weakness of your choice

Asked many and never got a good answer why America has so many in prisons.
Many or most cop families have more stress than other families. America is the world cop.
There you go.
If you are a cop, you see mayhem all day long. Even if you always have Hello Kitty happy interactions with family, the mayhem leaks out. Life has more facets to it then can be ascertained. (well, I’m just a bag of meat, meat can not do strange things)

Ever had a friend you have done favors for, big and small and can’t ever ask a favor in return?
America has tons of those kinds of friends.
World cop+shitty friends= more shittier friends such as Cartmanzan, Davidlettermanistan, Saudi Arabia, Perezhiltonolia.

You can only have so many friends regardless if you are a person or a country.
You can not count a girl as a friend.
Please prove me wrong.

What does this have to do with Pre War Forensics?
This cop is busy. He does not see all the bad guys. Few times he saw himself. A psychosis with results i do not know. He’s so busy. Every time he kills a bad guy he builds a school or such.

I was teasing about girls. No one contested me! I'm embarrassed for Earthlings in this time period!
That goes for you too U.K.!

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