Feb 3, 2010

shiny black soul gets painted flat black by a non-soul thing

American men fighting/dying. New front down the line?
Pakistani black opps get blacker with a tiny reference to Yemen.
Check out this EXtra creamy free sample, pulled out of the innards of the article.(Why should i write like a regular reporter? Why do preachers always talk in the manner of other preachers? Why talk like a politician? Talk like a rocker. nahh Must be something wrong with me, can't tell the difference between a politician and a wrestler. Sorry wrestlers.)

UPDATE: My pal Uncle Jimbo from Blackfive.net accuses me of “a bit of heavy breathing on this.” He writes:

It is fair to point out that the ops in Pakistan are more tightly tied to a shooting war than many others, but does that mean we should take them and shine a bunch of bright lights on them? … There is plenty of oversight operating where it belongs in classified briefings… The political environment in Pakistan is delicate as Hell so we properly tread lightly. A bunch of breathless stories about the mere possibility that we are cooperating more w/ Pakistan or that heaven forbid the evil Blackwater mercenaries are helping load drones doesn’t make doing any good there easier… It is smart and a proper use of Special Forces. Now let’s stop making their jobs harder by acting like something nefarious is going on.

I hear that. And if this were some other, relatively small-scale SF operation (cough Yemen cough), I’d agree 100%. But there has been too much cash spent and too many lives lost in this mission to keep on operating as if it can all be kept behind the black door. The Pakistanis know what we’re up to, and our secrecy is only fueling the paranoia and conspiracy theories — not to mention depriving Americans of their right to know how their blood and treasure is being spent.

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