Jun 26, 2009

electric sheep dream of lethal injections

Got this from jimbot, a commentator at Wired.
Here's a taste , if you're geeky read the whole thing. Worth checking out there is an excellent click able map of blogging networks in Iran that lead to individual blogs.

Worldwide, Mousavi has received only about half the search volume as Ahmadinejad over the last 30 days. Iran, not surprisingly, is the location of the most searches of the two rivals, followed by Indonesia, Canada, Sweden, and Switzerland -- the last three of which are home to moderately-sized Iranian diaspora populations. By city, Tehran's traffic numbers come in first, followed by Jakarta, Washington, Toronto, and Los Angeles. Persian is the most common language used in global searches, with Indonesian (Bahasa), English, and Swedish next in line. Indonesians' interest is particularly interesting to note. With no Iranian diaspora there, it is likely religious transnational solidarity driving the attention.

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  1. Reminds me, wish i had an electric pet rock.

    I also remember Yang Lee Jen. a powerful movie.