Jun 8, 2009

South Korean Hello Kitty mafia godfather tells North Korea fuck you

I made up the Hello Kitty part.
I feel sorry for the civilians on both sides.

Seventy percent of North Korean army ground units are located within 100 miles of the demilitarized zone separating North and South Korea, positioned to undertake offensive ground operations. These units could fire up to 500,000 artillery rounds per hour against South Korean defenses for several hours.

I think we have x amount capability on missile defense but those artillery rounds makes the 2nd worst solution even more worst. I'm not a military expert but i am a fear expert.

{NOTE: Changes between 1992 and 1999 reflect both actual changes in the composition of KPA forces, as well as improved intelligence estimates of these forces.

Strength +1,100,000 996,000
Conventional 8 12
Mechanized 4 4
Armor 1 ? 2
Artillery 2 2
Geographic 1
Military district commands 9
Divisions / Brigades
Infantry divisions 26-30 60
Reserve and pacification divisions 22-26
Infantry brigades 3-6
Reserve and pacification brigades 18+
Mechanized and mobile brigades 23-30 25
Armor brigades 14-15 13
Artillery brigades 20-30 30
Special operations forces brigades 22 25
Special operations forces battalions 7
Total medium and light tanks 3,600 3,800
T-54/55/59 +2,200
T-62 +600
T-34 n.a.
APCs 2,500 2,270
Other light tanks (PT-76/China's T-62/63 and North Korea's M-1985) n.a.
Self-propelled +5,500
Towed +3,000
Multiple rocket launchers 2,400
60-160mm +9,000
n.a.--not available.

Alot of this has been old news for ten years but now South Korea has signed on to boarding N. Korean ships suspected of transporting nuke stuff. Many other things are adding to the mix; even China is tired of NK, actual nukes, exporting nuke hard/software, kidnapping women and too afraid to wait for heavenly intervention or the U.N..
There is no MSM in N. Korea. There is only MM-Main Media. The people there are real suckers for the brainwashing and the threat of non compliance is severe. I'm just grate full that we have experience with freedom and x amount of education makes us too sophisticated to be duped by MSM.
Hello Kitty tattoo anyone?

Update: South Korea has not yet signed on to boarding N Korean ships. It is still under consideration.

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