Jun 15, 2009

the smallest ego gets the biggest boot

Good fighting for the Iranians. I doubt they will succeed. Hope i'm wrong.
Wonder if some hardware like this would be use full?

Mini COW

Mini Cellular On Wheels

AllTech Communications is always searching for new solutions to fit the customer needs. One of the unique small mobile tower trailers AllTech has developed is the "Mini-COW." The "Mini-COW" is a cell on wheels so maneuverable that it can be towed to the roof of a parking garage and set up in only minutes. This unit is perfect for quick response communication and surveillance situations and allows you to minimize deployment time and costs when working in an urban setting.

Wonder if the cow will work as an independent network if all others are shutdown? Such as able to make calls down the street but not to other cities.

Some satellite phones would be use full too.

Ah. A care package from all Western cultures might contain; satellite phone, pistol, various drugs of local choice(never been in a foxhole-shut up, ever been scared to death for days but can't sleep?).

What would you want in a special care package?

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